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Object (philosophy)

An object is a philosophy term often used in contrast to the term subject. A subject is an observer and an object is a thing observed. For modern philosophers like Descartes, consciousness is a state of cognition that includes the subject - which can never be doubted as only it can be the one who doubts - and some object that may be considered as not having real or full existence or value independent of the subject who observes it. Metaphysical frameworks also differ in whether they consider objects existing independently of their properties and, if so, in what way. The pragmatist Charles ...



A hole is an opening, usually circular, in or through a particular medium, usually a solid body. Holes occur through natural and artificial processes, and may be useful for various purposes, or may represent a problem needing to be addressed in many fields of engineering. Depending on the material and the placement, a hole may be an indentation in a surface, or may pass completely through that surface. In engineering, a hole may be blind or through if it is partial or complete depth.


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  • operate on that data Object - orientation, in which concepts are represented as objects Object - oriented programming OOP in which an object is an instance of
  • The following is a list of NGC objects that is objects listed in the New General Catalogue NGC It is one of the largest comprehensive astronomical
  • objects to terminal objects and any functor which preserves colimits will take initial objects to initial objects For example, the initial object in
  • divided into the classical and resonant objects of the Kuiper belt, the scattered disc and detached objects with the sednoids being the most distant
  • objects are a dynamical class of minor planets in the outer reaches of the Solar System and belong to the broader family of trans - Neptunian objects TNOs
  • following is a list of Solar System objects by orbit, ordered by increasing distance from the Sun. Most named objects in this list have a diameter of 500 km
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  • direct objects one being more closely bound to the verb than the other these may be called inner and outer objects While the typical object is a
  • Container object an object that can contain other objects Factory object an object whose purpose is to create other objects Metaobject: an object from
  • the 100 objects with text based on the programme and adding a section to the gallery maps showing the location and numbers of the 100 objects On 18 January