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Outline of health sciences

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to health sciences: Health sciences – are those sciences which focus on health, or health care, as core parts of their subject matter. Because these two subject matter relate to multiple academic disciplines, both STEM disciplines as well as emerging patient safety disciplines such as social care research are relevant to current health scientific knowledge. Health sciences knowledge bases are currently diverse, with intellectual foundations which are sometimes mutually-inconsistent. There is currently an existing bias in ...


Biomedical sciences

Biomedical sciences are a set of sciences applying portions of natural science or formal science, or both, to knowledge, interventions, or technology that are of use in healthcare or public health. Such disciplines as medical microbiology, clinical virology, clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and biomedical engineering are medical sciences. In explaining physiological mechanisms operating in pathological processes, however, pathophysiology can be regarded as basic science. Biomedical Sciences, as defined by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Benchmark Statement ...



According to the International Federation of Kinesiology, anthropomaximology is the study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans, and its application to the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalance or derangement. The concept was developed in the USSR during the 1970s–1980s as a result of numerous Olympic victories. The Soviets utilized anthropomaximology in their athletic training, combining rigorous physical exercise with mental training techniques which allowed the competitors to tap into "hidden reserves" and surpass other athletes endurance.


Health Sciences Descriptors

DeCS – Health Sciences Descriptors is a structured and trilingual thesaurus created by BIREME – Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information – in 1987 for indexing scientific journal articles, books, proceedings of congresses, technical reports and other types of materials, as well as for searching and recovering scientific information in LILACS, MEDLINE and other databases. In the VHL, Virtual Health Library, DeCS is the tool that permits the navigation between records and sources of information through controlled concepts and organized in Portuguese, Spanish and Eng ...


ⓘ Health sciences

  • overview of and topical guide to health sciences Health sciences are those sciences which focus on health or health care, as core parts of their subject
  • academic health science centre AHSC also known as an academic health sciences centre, an academic health science s system, an academic health science s
  • The University of Health Sciences Khmer: ស កលវ ទ យ ល យវ ទ យ ស ស រ តស ខ ភ ប ល French: Universite des sciences de la sante is a public university offering
  • Health Sciences Jubilee station is an Edmonton Light Rail Transit station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It serves both the Capital Line and the Metro
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