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ApexKB, is a discontinued free and open-source script for collaborative search and knowledge management powered by a shared enterprise bookmarking engine that is a fork of KnowledgebasePublisher. It was publicly announced on 29 September 2008. A stable version of Jumper was publicly released under the GNU General Public License and made available on Sourceforge on 26 March 2009. ApexKB empowers users to compile and share collaborative bookmarks by crowdsourcing their knowledge, experience and insights using knowledge tags. Users may tag, link, and rate structured data and unstructured data ...


Battle command

Battle command is the art and science of visualizing, describing, directing, and leading forces in operations against a hostile, thinking, and adaptive enemy. Battle command applies leadership to translate decision into actions, by synchronizing forces and warfighting functions in time, space, and purpose, to accomplish missions. Battle command refers both to processes triggered by commanders and executed by soldiers and to the system of systems that directly enables those processes.


Cognitive assets

Cognitive assets are tangible and intangible organizational assets that constitute sources of the cognition that is necessary for action coordination. These assets allow for the integrity and efficiency of the multiple conversions of individual knowledge into organizational knowledge. The idea of the cognitive assets was the first attempt to address the most relevant organizational assets to be exploited by cognition-driven businesses. The concept of cognitive assets is a reflection on the belief that it is sufficient the acquisition of software, such as for business intelligence or compet ...


Concept Searching Limited

Concept Searching Limited is a software company that specializes in information retrieval software. It has products for Enterprise search, Taxonomy Management and Statistical classification.


Corporate amnesia

Corporate amnesia is a phrase used to describe a situation in which businesses, and other types of co-operative organization, lose their memory of how to do things. The condition is held, by some people, to be analogous to individual amnesia.


Corporate history

A corporate history is a chronological account of a business or other co-operative organization. Usually it is produced in written format but it can also be done in audio or audiovisually. Thousands of companies across the industrialized world have put their stories to paper, albeit in their own unique ways – from relatively benign, albeit colorful chronicles, usually written for the private archives of founding families, to titles with well-defined corporate applications. Corporate histories in the United States have been particularly prolific, those in the UK less so.