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The Research Board

The Research Board was described in 1984 by The New York Times as "a low-profile New York group composed of chief data processing executives of 50 of the nations largest corporations." A decade later The Times described it as "a high-tech consulting firm." Although by late 2017 a Wall Street Journal writer spoke of "The Research Board" in the past tense, this was just a technicality. Having been acquired by Gartner in 1998, it is sometimes referred to as The Gartner Research Board or The Research Board Gartner.


Titans of Investing

Titans of Investing, commonly referred to as Titans, is an elite collegiate program founded and led by lauded investor Britt Harris. The program consists of a semester course, a professional fraternity, and a think tank. It is modeled on Benjamin Franklins Junto and emphasizes "wisdom, personal understanding, and growth" through "collaboration, civil discourse, and a sincere search for truth". Its mission is to infuse high-achieving students with wisdom, and instill a life path of "success to significance" rather than pursing "success after success", which is also modeled on Franklins "do ...