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Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft

The Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft honors the accomplishments of individual leather workers worldwide for their continued dedication and exemplary service to leathercraft. The criteria for nominations are someone who has demonstrated continued devotion to the advancement of leathercraft, following the example of Al Stohlman, who is most well-known for publishing over 40 books, creating numerous pattern packs, and innovating many new tools for leatherworking. Recipients of the medal are recognized based on their overall achievements in leathercraft. Considered criteria fo ...


Army-Navy "E" Award

The Army-Navy "E" Award was an honor presented to companies during World War II whose production facilities achieved "Excellence in Production" of war equipment. The award was also known as the Army-Navy Production Award. The award was created to encourage industrial mobilization and production of war time materials. By wars end, the award had been earned by only 5% of the more than 85.000 companies involved in producing materials for the U.S. militarys war effort.


Australian Training Awards

The Australian Training Awards are the peak national awards for the vocational education and training sector, recognising organisations, registered training organisations and individuals for their contribution to skilling Australia. There are 18 Australian Training Award categories. A majority of categories articulate from the state or territory training awards with the remainder available by direct entry to the Australian Training Awards.


Ron Brown Award

The Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership is a U.S. presidential honor to recognize companies "for the exemplary quality of their relationships with employees and communities". It is presented to companies that "have demonstrated a deep commitment to innovative initiatives that not only empower employees and communities but also advance strategic business interests".


Business Journalist of the Year Awards

The Business Journalist of the Year Awards are widely recognised as the most important global awards for business writers and broadcasters. They are the only awards for business writers that are open to journalists of all nationalities, and the only awards to cover the entire spectrum of business and financial reporting. The Business Journalist of the Year Awards first presented in 1999 were created because business information had become a global commodity paying little heed to national borders. In a world where goods, services, money and knowledge move ever more freely from one domain to ...


CAA Award

The CAA Award was first announced in May 1978 by the Cosmetics, Toiletries & Fragrance Association to promote and celebrate American and European cosmetic products. The first awards were presented in January 1979 with CSK Company winning the award. The CAA Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the field of cosmetics. The award is given each year at a formal ceremony. After a selection of finalist products is announced, the final winning products and companies are honored at a gala event in New York City.