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10/90 gap

The 10/90 gap is the term adopted by the Global Forum for Health Research to highlight the finding by the Commission on Health Research for Development in 1990, that less than 10% of worldwide resources devoted to health research were put towards health in Developing Countries, where over 90% of all preventable deaths worldwide occurred. Every year, the spread of disease suffered in both rich and poor countries converges. According to the World Health Organization, the most prevalent diseases consist of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. These diseases now account for 45% of the ...


Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research is an international partnership hosted at World Health Organization Headquarters that works to improve the health of those in low- and middle-income countries by supporting the generation and use of evidence that strengthens health systems.


Black Women's Health Study

The Black Womens Health Study is a long-term observational study conducted at Boston Universitys Slone Epidemiology Center since 1995 to investigate the health problems of Black women over a long time period, with the ultimate goal of improving their health. Gaining information about the causes of health problems that affect Black women will help to determine health outcomes. The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health follows a cohort of the 59.000 women that enrolled. Black women are underrepresented in most studies of womens health, while some disorders are known to dispropor ...


Clinical research

Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis for relieving symptoms of a disease. Clinical research is different from clinical practice. In clinical practice established treatments are used, while in clinical research evidence is collected to establish a treatment.


Commission on Health Research for Development

The Commission on Health Research for Development was an independent international initiative with the aim of improving health and development in what were then called developing countries’. It was active between 1987 and 1990, when it completed its work with the publication of its landmark report: Health Research: Essential Link to Equity in Development. Convinced that scientific research could contribute much more to health and development, the Commission set out to survey the status of research in relation to the health problems of developing countries, to examine how it was or was not ...


Dance and health

Dance is a health-promoting physical activity which many people worldwide incorporate into their lifestyles today. This physical activity appeals to some who may not typically be active and therefore may be another alternative of exercise. Dance for health has become an important factor in the prevention, treatment and management in several health circumstances. It can benefit both physical and mental health and subsidizes social communication Dance is an art which is learned in and shared between many cultures. Types of dance can entail body movements, expression and collaboration. The co ...


ⓘ Health research

  • subfields include environmental health community health behavioral health health economics, public policy, mental health health education, occupational safety
  • Health services research HSR became a burgeoning field in North America in the 1960s, when scientific information and policy deliberation began to coalesce
  • Institutes of Health Research CIHR, French: Instituts de recherche en sante du Canada is the major federal agency responsible for funding health and medical
  • The Umeå Centre for Global Health Research UCGHR is a Centre of Excellence within Umeå University in Northern Sweden. The Centre operates within the
  • Health Research NIHR is a United Kingdom government agency which funds research into health and care. It is the largest national clinical research funder
  • Health and Medical Research Institute IHMRI is a joint initiative of the University of Wollongong UOW and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District
  • The Mental Health Research Institute MHRI is a former Australian medical research institute that was focused upon improving the diagnosis, treatment
  • Health Services Research is a peer - reviewed healthcare journal published bimonthly by Wiley - Blackwell on behalf of the Health Research and Educational
  • Mental Health Research Institute may refer to: Mental Research Institute Mental Health Research Institute Melbourne Mental Health Research Institute