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Name (sports)

In sports, particularly team sports, the Player name, often referred to as the uniform name, squad name, jersey name, shirt name is the name worn on a players uniform. Originally, the number worn on a players uniform was used to identify and distinguish each players and sometimes others, such as coaches and officials from others wearing the same or similar uniforms. But, In order to identify players in detail, The name worn on a players uniform is used. Especially In American professional sports, Name printing were introduced in 1960s. The name is typically displayed on the rear of the jer ...


ⓘ Naming in sports

  • In sports particularly team sports the Player name often referred to as the uniform name squad name jersey name shirt name is the name worn on a
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  • This is a list of eponyms in sports i.e. sports terms named after people. Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns were named after their first coach, Paul
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