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Cue sports techniques

Cue sports techniques are a vital important aspect of game play in the various cue sports such as carom billiards, pool, snooker and other games. Such techniques are used on each shot in an attempt to achieve an immediate aim such as scoring or playing a safety, while at the same time exercising control over the positioning of the cue ball and often the object ball s for the next shot or inning. In carom games, an advanced players aim on most shots is to leave the cue ball and the object balls in position so that the next shot is of a less difficult variety to make the requisite carom, and ...


Drag flick

Drag flicking is a scoring technique in the sport of field hockey. It was first seen in the late 1980s in Australia. Jay Stacy is credited as first using the skill in the 1987 Australian Hockey Championships in Hobart. It is used as an attacking technique, mainly within penalty corner involving two main components known as the scoop and flick. However, as umpires become more and more strict within field hockey as new discoveries of techniques and training are subsequently making the sport more dangerous while also increasing the pace of the game. Therefore, it is evident that the drag flic ...


Indian dribble

The Indian dribble is a field hockey technique, first appearing at the 1956 Summer Olympics. It consists of pushing the ball rapidly from right to left and then from left to right repeatedly by turning the hockey stick. Once mastered, it is a very good way to beat your opponent, as a player using Indian dribble is hard to defend against. It was named after the superb dribbling skills of the Indian and Pakistani teams.


Negative split

A negative split is a racing strategy that involves completing the second half of a race faster than the first half. It is defined by the intentional setting of a slower initial pace, followed by a gradual or sudden increase of speed towards the end of the race. Alternate strategies include even splitting or sit and kick. Conversely, the act of completing the first half of a race faster than the second half is known as a positive split. The strategy of negative splitting has been documented in competitive running since the early 20th century. Runners such as Steve Prefontaine, Wilson Kipsa ...


Passing (sports)

Passing is a common technique in sports that use balls and pucks. A pass consists of an intentional transfer of the ball from one player to another of the same team. Examples of sports that involve passing are association football, basketball, ice hockey, and American football. Certain games only allow backward passing, while others allow both. Of those that allow forward passing, some prohibit the receiver from being ahead of the pass at a certain point on the field, while other do not. Passing in basketball has been defined as "The deliberate attempt to move a live ball between two teamm ...


Rolling start

A rolling start is one of two modes of initiating or restarting an auto race; the other mode is the standing start. In a rolling start, the cars are ordered on the track and are led on a certain number of laps at a pre-determined safe speed by the safety car.


Skateboarding trick

A skateboarding trick, or simply a trick, is a maneuver performed on a skateboard while skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks may vary greatly in difficulty.


Standing start

In a standing start, cars are completely still but with their engines running when a green signal is given to start the race. This is often preceded by a set number of lights. Standing starts are common in many motorsports, including most single-seater Formula 1 and Formula 2 notably, Touring Cars most notably British and World Touring Cars, drag racing, the Supercars Championship, kart racing, and many types of short-course off-road racing. In a typical standing start, the formation lap takes place, giving time for mechanics to get into the pit boxes. Once all cars have positioned themsel ...


The System (Gaelic football)

In Gaelic football, The System is a style of play pioneered by the Donegal senior football team during the 2010s. It is regarded as having caused a revolution in the sport, with establishment counties unable to comprehend it or work out how to deal with it. The System was used during the managerial reign of Jim McGuinness with Donegal, who overcame traditionally stronger counties to win two Ulster Senior Football Championships and one All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in the space of two years. Donegals winning of the 2012 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was described as "o ...


Table tennis styles

Table tennis is unique among racket sports in that it supports a large variety of different styles of players. As players levels increase, the diversity of styles decreases slightly, because technically weak styles are quickly eliminated; but, even at the very top of international table tennis, there are many dramatically different styles to be found. As of 2010, attacking styles dominate most of the top places in the world. However, this may be due to the relative popularity of attack over defense, as defensive players are still able to reach the final stages of international competition. ...


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