ⓘ Knowledge-oriented systems ..


Knowledge retrieval

Knowledge retrieval seeks to return information in a structured form, consistent with human cognitive processes as opposed to simple lists of data items. It draws on a range of fields including epistemology, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, logic and inference, machine learning and knowledge discovery, linguistics, and information technology.


ⓘ Knowledge-oriented systems

  • Systems - oriented design S.O.D. uses system thinking in order to capture the complexity of systems addressed in design practice. The main mission of
  • kinds of systems The one common theme that unites all knowledge based systems is an attempt to represent knowledge explicitly and a reasoning system that
  • markets. From the AI and Object - Oriented communities, object - oriented databases such as Versant emerged. These were systems designed from the ground up to
  • medical diagnosis. Expert systems gave us the terminology still in use today where AI systems are divided into a Knowledge Base with facts about the world
  • information retrieval, database systems knowledge - based systems rule - based systems expert systems decision support systems intelligent agent technology
  • computing, aspect - oriented software development AOSD is a software development technology that seeks new modularizations of software systems in order to isolate
  • Knowledge - based engineering KBE is the application of knowledge - based systems technology to the domain of manufacturing design and production. The design
  • Although it is possible to do object - oriented development using a waterfall model, in practice most object - oriented systems are developed with an iterative
  • RDBMS systems are more row - oriented while online analytical processing OLAP - focused systems are a balance of row - oriented and column - oriented Comparisons
  • The tree of knowledge ToK system is a theoretical approach to the unification of psychology developed by Gregg Henriques, associate professor and director
  • Service - oriented communications SOC Service - oriented development of applications Service - oriented distributed applications Chapter 1: Service Oriented Architecture